Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Couple of Blocks and AQG Show

Lately I have been waking up and finding myself unable to go back to sleep...this is really odd for me because I am SO not a morning person. So this morning I got up and did some work in the quilting studio. This little block was the result. This is block eight of the Designer Mystery BOM designed by Margot Lanuedoc called "Welcome to Our House" and I thought it was a little more challenging then some of them or at least as challenging. I like how it turned out though...slightly tipsy looking :).
About two weeks ago I finished block seven called "Warm Wollen Mitten" from the same BOM (I am still two behind, one arrived in the mail yesterday to light a fire under my touche) and this one was designed by Pam Buda. It is one of my favorites so far and was very doable!
Saturday Randy, DJ and I met up with BJ and two of her friends (Donna and one gal I can't recall her name, man I am getting old!). We didn't really get time to chat and get to know each other because we were moving through the show and we were separated through some of it but still it was nice to see BJ and meet some of her friends and introduce her to DJ. One of our favorite quilts from the show was this one:

Loved the colors in it and it was just so appealing! We saw several quilts from gals in my guild as well as many of the gals from my guild. I haven't been to any meetings in forever since I was working on Tuesday nights but now I may be able to make some of the meetings if I want since one of the classes I was doing is over. Sometimes my other job I work that night now though. I tend to want to stay in once I get home at night and have to be dragged out even though I enjoy going....strange! I miss Becky though and that is when I mostly got to see her.

I did purchase a few things. I absolutely couldn't resist this little kit that I really didn't need! It has directions and fabric to make two little wall hangings and a recipe too. I just really liked it and so I had to have it, nuts!
I am always on the lookout for cute baby fabric becasue I make a lot of baby quilts and DJ and I both fell in love with these ducks and umbrellas. I have other fabric that will work well with them so I am sure I will be making a baby quilt or two from this soon.

Here is DJ and Randy's back as they admire the quilts.

Here is BJ and her friends as they admire another quilt.

DJ and I loved all the rainbow quilts, of course. This one was a favorite!

It was nice to take the time to go even though June and Herve were unable to meet us due to a last minute glitch and Ros was out of town! Maybe next year we will all be together again!

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Tiffany said...

You have too many "2 letter with a J" names in your life! lol. BJ, CJ, DJ, I know who you are talking about but it always makes me have to stop and think. I'm sad I missed the quilt show this year!