Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Suns Game and Sunday Best Schnibble

This is how close we were to the game...row four! It was unbelievable...so much was going on all the time there was never a chance to get bored. I had actually never even watched a professional basketball team prior to this (and only a few years ago when my daughter was on the high school dance team that I actually watched basketball all the way through!) so this was quite the experience.
Last night I got lucky and got off work early (but as a freelancer I still get paid!) and so I pieced the Sunday Best Schnibble blocks together and added the first border and cornerstones. I also pieced the five inch strips together but haven't cut them in half or added them to the quilt so in the pic it is just put up in the wall and I cropped out half the strip. I don't think this one is my favorite, but it is alright. Hoping it will grow on me a bit more. It was easy enough to make so I liked that part! While I was sewing away Kathy cut the strips in cream, black and red for Tara's Day and Night quilt. I can now start sewing on that anytime and if no time can take it to camp in April!
And here is Kathy and I at the game. See my new haircut, yippee I needed it. Kathy's niece cut it and I really like it! Oh, and even better was that the Suns won!
I work a short shift today at my other job and then hopefully I will be finishing up Sunday Best!

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