Saturday, February 13, 2010

Out of Africa

My family all met up and went to Out of Africa today. My favorite part was feeding the giraffes. Right after eating my carrot I got this picture of the friendly fellow...I love it!

The next best part was watching Tiger Splash. It was really cool to see tigers acting a lot like kitties! They really seem to like it at this zoo which was refreshing to see. The habitats are really big and set up natural like. Tons of room for the animals.
This is Boom Boom the rhino...he didn't want to get up and say hi but we all couldn't believe that he has ten acres to roam on if he wants...the rhino at the other zoo we went to didn't have but a half a football field. This place is what zoos should be like as far as I am concerned.

My mom, sister, brother, and stepdad with my nephew Ben downfront. Sam's gf had wandered down the path and since I am taking the picture the two of us weren't in it, but it is like herding cats to get all of us together looking the same direction so this will have to do for the group shot!
So no sewing happened today at all, but last night I did get two more bindings made and ready for when the NYE Mystery quilts come back quilted and Kathy helped me to draft Amy's BOM pattern and cut out all three of them. I did get some of two of them sewed as she was cutting, so she could subcut, but none are done yet. I will be amazed if I can pull off these three blocks as they look a bit more complicated than those I would pick!

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