Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally Some Sewing and Cutting...

I finally got into the sewing room this afternoon and made some progress! These blocks are for the quiltalong I am participating in! I thought February being Valentine's month I would do them in pink! Again the goal is to make six and I made more than that...these go together really quickly and since I have no idea what I am going to do with them I am just enjoying whipping a few up each month. Eventually a quilt or two will come together from them. So cross one thing of my to do list!
Kathy joined me and kindly cut up my Sunday Best Schnibbles, so I will be able to get to sewing that hopefully this weekend! I am using some civil war repro fabric that I had bought as part of a kit in Chicago at the quilt show...I long ago ran out of interest to do the pattern I got free with the kit so I can't wait to see what this one looks like in the fabric which I love!

Made two kerchiefs from the Mickey Mouse fabric to take to Disneyland too! Kathy and I tried them on several different ways and cracked ourselves up!

I also worked on my Quiltz Mystery quilt...I got all of these blocks done and put together but I just couldn't motivate myself to finish up the last few blocks...I don't care for the method of making the flying geese..ugh! They just don't come up very

Kathy cut borders and I sewed them on and used four of my leftover half square triangle blocks at the corners which I really happen to like! This added enough size that I think Ayla (who is six) will be quite happy with it! And I can cross it off my list too! Can you tell I always have a list in my head?
We did attempt to cut out the BOM for Amy's Passions 2010 but apparently when I printed from the website MUCH of the directions did not print. I was going nuts thinking why did Amy leave out so much info (haha--she didn't!) so I decided I would go look and see if I had missed something and VIOLA half the stuff didn't print, but enough did to fool me into thinking I had it all! I cut and pasted it all into Word and then printed and had no problem. So will try to get to at least one of those this weekend too!


Barb said...

You have been one busy gal everything you are working on!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Rockin' time in the quilting studio Andee!
(and don't put it past me to forget some directions)
I'm wondering---was the flying geese method the one that seems to be hittin' it big in the quilting world lately?---where you take one big "main color" square, then place two little squares at both corners, sew 1/4 on each side, cut apart, press, THEN add another small square to the remaining corner, sew 1/4"..........etc, etc. I've tried it and thought it was interesting and kind of a quick way to whip out 4 flying geese.

When is Disneyland? Loved the pic from a few posts back!