Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simple Gifts Quilt Whipped up for Marissa's Baby

Of course Rosey and Zoe had to pose for me on my quilt!
This one made with the same fabrics as the last one...I like it much better for a gift for Marissa's baby. The pattern is free from Weeks Ringle on Craft Nectar and has become one of my favorites to make! I need to decide if I am quilting it or if I want to get someone else to do it!


Miss 376 said...

Looks like it has the seal of approval from the dogs. Going to be lovely quilted

Weeks Ringle said...

Your quilt looks great and I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern. Any quilt looks better with a loving pet on it too!

Bj said...

Your quilts are beautiful and oh so perfect, I wish I was as good at matching up points as you are, you've inspired me to make Amy's BOM, I love them. I'm your dog loving friend and I love seeing the dogs. Am so glad that two of your family of five are sitting on this quilt, your Beagle is just precious, I love her face :) Where are the other three and the cat :) I was very jealous that you were quilting with June today, not only was I working but I have some kind of new sinus infection so I'm out of commission for a while still, I'm going to the craft show at the end of the month though, no matter what, Take Care, Bj.