Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amy's BOM 2010 Block Two and a Sneak Peak at Madeline

Tonight I sewed up Amy's 2010 Block 2 (see sidebar for link to it if you want to join us!) and am quite happy with how it turned out. My online group NewQuiltingClub took a vote for BOM and Amy's won! I am extremely happy about that because I was thinking I was going to be doing four BOM and that is a lot for me but now I have this one (three blocks posted this month though so if that keeps up I will have three quilt tops when I am done!) and my quilt history BOM too. June and I are talking about doing another BOM that we found online too. That one I think would be scrappy. That is plenty.

Now a sneak peak at Madeline Schnibbles so far! Here it is all cut out...

Here all my geese are done...and one star.

Here is a blurry close up of the first star. How sweet is that? Only eight more to go but I am enjoying putting this one together and not rushing at all. Long as it is done by the end of January in time for the Schnibbles parade I will be happy.
Ok, I am off to grab some water and then to the treadmill. I am trying to start a trend at my house..haha. This makes the second time in a week--for me in recent times that is a record. Smile--thanks for the inspiration in quilting and exercise Amy!


Miss 376 said...

You will be able to enjoy the BOM's even more, now you know you have less to do.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

BOM's are manageable, but yeah---I can see if a person gets into 4+ BOM's, suddenly it would become a challenge.

Julie said...

Oh, I'm so excited to see your Schnibbles when it's done - I think it's going to be fabulous!