Sunday, January 10, 2010

January Schnibble Madeline Cut and Promenade Market Tote

Tonight I whipped up a Promenade Market Tote (free pattern here ). Here is one side and...
here is the other side. Really easy and cute. I am sure I will make more.

Kathy helped me cut out the Moda "Sent with Love" favric so I can make my Madeline January Schnibbles. I am using pinks or lighter white/pink/red in place of taupe and the white polka dot for the background fabric. No idea how this will look, but hopefully I sorted the fabric enough for it to make sense!
Watched the football games today and not AT ALL thrilled that the Patriots lost and then the Packers lost. I actually have another headache--migraine style coming on after a day off from them. This is three this month, UGH I hate migraines. It is 8 PM here and I am heading into bed with a pill and high hopes that this is it for the month because these migraines exaust me!


Miss 376 said...

What a lovely bag

Becky said...

You seem to be having a lot of migraines lately. Is it something in your diet?