Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter White Schnibble and Star Blocks Quilts Bound

Here is my Winter White Schnibble in Glace fabric on my kitchen is so far the only Christmas decoration out in the house. Haven't found time to get through the Christmas stuff though I have been wrapping gifts because they go out to Norway, Wisconsin and Minnesota...must get in the mail soon!
This picture is part of the back, it is actually pieced in a red, brown and this that you see. I was thinking I could give this one as a Christmas present, but I am rather fond of it now and so it might not be going anywhere!

This is the back of Maggie Lou's Star Block Quilt.

And this last picture is the front of it. I used leftover binding so it is all scrappy and I really like it. These stars were each blogged about as I made them for one of my online groups...I really enjoyed making them and struggled to figure out what to do with them since they were all odd sizes and I am not at all mathmatical. In the end it was not that hard and it looks fine! Thanks again to my fabulous longarmer Steph in Kingman, AZ! I hope Maggie Lou and the rest of the family enjoy it for many years...I know all that work will be appreciated and am happy I now only have two UFO's! Of course if you remember you all voted on which one I should finish and this quilt did not win, so I still need to get done with my Walk in the Park quilt. And just to let you quilt camp I bought invisible thread and gave applique a go with some help from the gals there and NO LUCK, it is no farther than it was. On my list though!
And if you are wondering how I am doing on the Quiltville Mystery--Bonnie has put out clue five today and I am still barely into clue three. I am not super motivated to get up there and get to it since I have several Christmas gifts that really need my attention first! This is why I hate to get behind, then it is easier to stay behind. Well, off to bed since I am working tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

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Miss 376 said...

The star quilt has come up really well, the blue really sets it off. I am sure they will love it

Sue said...

The Schnibble is lovely. Both the front and back of the Star Block Quilt have the wow factor.