Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carolina Christmas Clue Four Done!

You can see from Jade kitty above that I had some *help* while I was sewing up clue four. I sit on the left, Kathy if with me on the right and Jade finds something soft in the middle to lay on so we have to dig things out from under her to cut or sew! There is a dog under each of our feet and one under the ironing board at all times too--there are five of them ya know. I should really be much thinner from all the dog hurdle jumps I do all day and night, but I digress.
I had sewn these babies up before today, but ironed them out and stacked them up ten to a stack..there were 208 of them. They are not perfect, I only squared a few (shh don't tell, I planned to square, but I just didn't!) and I made them work. All Quiltzilla's need not comment, I do this for fun ya know.

Here is what some of them looked like after I got the little block together. And the last picture is what all of the stuff I have done so far looks like. I have seen the blocks (I have no patience for waiting, it is amazing that I have only opened the two Christmas presents that have been given to me early--usually I am trying to find out what they are!). I am loving how the colors are playing together and I think this one is going to be for my daughter Hannah for her birthday in February. She will be 20, how did that happen? Her favorite color is purple and she has moved up from a twin bed and needs a quilt, so hopefully this one will do.

I hope to get started on clue five tomorrow...so exciting to see actual blocks coming together! On the home front, we got my youngest son, Mac a ticket to come here for Christmas. So should be seeing him next week. Plenty up with him in Wisconsin and I wish he would move here and be near his mom instead of staying there mainly because of a girlfriend that isn't the best influence from what I gather. His dad and I are going to discuss this tomorrow since he is in Iraq and DS is with his grandparents which wasn't really the plan when I left him there with his dad.
I couldn't sleep last night so I didn't even bother going to bed at a decent hour tonight. Least I got the sewing done. Oh and I forgot to tell you I sewed about thirty of the triangles squares to the background squares incorrectly before checking for the eighth time and discovering I had turned the triangles..so unsewing and resewing commenced. I wonder if there is such a thing as triangle dyslexia because I definitely have it! I had flashbacks to when I sewed the Picnic Schnibbles quilt!


Sue said...

You're making great progress. Love the colours. As for not being perfect...I don't think I've ever made a quilt with everything squared! If things get too out of whack...sew a button to it! lol

Quilter Kathy said...

You're doing well! Keep going...I'm anxious to see how your blocks look! I love your term "Quiltzilla"!