Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carolina Christmas Clue Five and Six (First Half Done!)

Isn't it gorgeous? This one isn't mine--it's June's! She was working hard on this block today and I am loving how hers is looking!
Last night I finished putting the binding on last year's Ann B. Smith NYE Mystery! We have two of these made from the mystery--Kathy sewed most of these blocks but hates to do the binding. No idea whose baby will wind up with this one yet.
This morning I went to June's and worked on Carolina Christmas Clue 5 and 6. I first had to put the little block together...

Then four of them go together to make this block.

Next four of those go into this HUGE block! Twelve total blocks and doing this took about 6 or 7 hours! I love how they look and hope my daughter Hannah is just at thrilled with them!

And here are all twelve of them so you can see they are done! I can't wait to go back to June's tomorrow and put together the second block and get started on sewing them together! Bonnie put out the pieced border clue tonight and I think I will do that too, but it may just be after Christmas!


Sue said...

Everything looks great. I'm with Kathy re. sewing on the binding. I bribed myself tonight to get the binding on a wall hanging finished tonight....Chocolate and blog time when it was finished! lol

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

lookin' good Andee! I just start strip sewing my first step....over C'mas vacation, I hope to whip out some serious sewing!!!!!