Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tuffet Schnibbles for December and a PIF for Me!

I got a fabulous Pay It Forward gift from Amy in Wisconsin today! I could not believe all the goodies she made and sent me! You can see from these pictures that I got lucky! There is a thread catcher which has a pin cushion on the top, two fat quarters that are very pretty, a marking pencil, a pattern, and you can't see it too well in the picture but this cute wood ornament with a quilty saying on it. I have already put all of these things up and away in my quilting studio! The next picture has a cute little sewing themed quilt and I hung that up already too! Thank you Amy...these gifts were worth the wait and made me feel special today!
Some of you may remember that I signed up for the PIF under Amy...I made two baby quilts (well actually three) that I gave away to some babies in need and I made another little wall hanging for the gal that signed up under me, but I can't seem to get her address to send it to her. Long story, but if she sees this she can email me her address otherwise I give up trying to send it out! (Maybe we will have a little giveaway and send it on if I don't hear from her).

I also finally whipped up this little Tuffets pin cushion for the December Year of Schnibbles! I used little leftover strips of things and like how it turned out. Didn't take too long to make which is good because I am short on time at the moment! I will be using this pattern again and making some more. They are cute!
I spent several hours today sewing at Becky's house which was lots of fun. I got the presewing done for both mine and Kathy's NYE Mystery 2009. All are cut but need ironing and trimming before New Year's Eve Day. Didn't get a picture of that yet, but I will. Becky also made a really good white bean and ham soup which was really good. She motivates me to cook more! I also got some Secret Santa loot that I need to blog about but we are having the family over tomorrow for a belated Christmas and so I should get to bed as there is alot to do tomorrow!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

So glad all arrived safely.

Hope your Christmas was excellent! LOTS of snow up here now!!!