Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Mysteries, History Block and a Few Finishes...

I haven't had time to make any progress on the Carolina Christmas quilt and I feel way behind on step three when clue five is out! I will work on it tomorrow with any luck since I am not working for the next three days there should be progress. Meanwhile I picked fabrics for Ann B. Smith's NYE day mystery quilt. It is tradition that Kathy and I each do one. It is the one day a year she will sew with me...otherwise I can get her to cut but she would rather cheer me on than join me. She hasn't picked her fabrics, but I fell in love with this floral and then found some fabrics to match it in patriotic colors. I was thinking I might donate it to Quilts of Valor when it is done, but if I grow too attached to it, I have three different military people in my life who may wind up with it instead! Then of course as all good timing goes....Dorothy Young announced her next quilt mystery. I wasn't going to join but I will have way more time to sew for the next month with Christmas break so I plan to do a baby size quilt of her mystery. A gal at work just had a baby and her colors are aqua and brown (it is a girl) and I am thinking these fabrics would work for that and making the small one should help me keep up. We will see.

My Ho, Ho, Ho wallhanging is all done except I need to go around his is going to fall off it I don't. He is okay, not sure where he is going but someone will get him for Christmas.

Tonight I whipped up my quilt history block (class is next week already and I always get the block done before the next you sense I hate to get behind? Maybe there is medication that will help me chill???) Anyway, this one is from the Kansas City Star way back when called "Economy" and is Barbara Brackman Block 1873. It went together okay compared to some of the others.

I also quilted this baby quilt for Randy's daughter's FIFTH grandbaby. This one is for Cara (Kara?) Marie. I quilted it myself with my new machine...not bad for my first attempt without following lines. I pinned down the edges and zig zagged around it for binding just to get it done so it can be mailed to Georgia where they are stationed at the moment. I have made quilts for each of those babies, and am hoping this is the last one! Smile. This is the Simple Quilt pattern from funquilts too.
Other than that feeling kind of down lately. Trying to get over it as it ruins no one's day but my own. I wish people were nicer or my heart was harder. I just take things way too hard, I let people hurt me when I should have long forgotten them. Life should not be so difficult.


Miss 376 said...

Hope you feel better soon, you have some lovely projects in the pipeline.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hey dear---catching up
Let's just blame the weather on why we both seem to be feeling 'down' latey, k?
I see you have dug in and started Bonnie's Mystery; once again, WAAAY ahead of me! I haven't started! I'd love to say I'll start today, but I have so many other projects underway---I want to see SOMETHING finished. So...we'll see.

Happy Saturday