Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It all comes together...

Threw a few of the blocks from Carolina Christmas on the design wall while they await being sewn together...I like it!
These little hexagons are not sewn yet, but I spent some time glueing the edges to the paper pieces cards so that I can work on it over the holidays while hanging out with my family...the idea came from a tutorial I saw and I am copying the gal right down to the fabrics...I will dig out the info to post with an update of it too in case any of you feel the need to handpiece!

Kathy finally whipped me up a huge top to my ironing board last night! I need to staple batting and such to it, the blue fabric is just laying over the board for now. You can also see I got the binding machine stitched to the edge of the second NYE Circus quilt from last year.

This is a little doggie quilt for Divot the Dog (my Dad's partner's dog). She is in love with flamingos and has a matching quilt so I thought her dog would like a little quilt too. That dog was by my dad's side til the end, and after he passed away Margie gave me a bunch of his clothes for I loaded them in my suitcase. When I came home from the service I found Divot the Dog laying on top of the clothes in my suitcase...she had never even gone in the room I was in before that. She could still smell Dad on those cloths and wanted to be near him. She has a special place in my heart now and she is Margie's pride and joy.

Last night I did a quick large tablerunner for my antique table to protect it from the laptops. Today I bound it on the way to get my seventeen year old son Mac from the airport. He flew in from Wisconsin and was amazed at the sunny weather here!

My not so crafty sister made this for our brother who is a HUGE Sun's fan and has a Sun's room. The clothes were his son Ben's so even more special! I can't wait for him to see it!

Kathy and I got everything cut and situated for the NYE Mystery 2009 by Ann B. Smith. These are her fabrics..the crazy purple is the backing and the rest are for the top..but wait, we decided on a different cream at the last minute, but close you get the idea. Merry Christmas Everyone. May this coming year be easier for us than the last. Thanks for reading my blog my friends!


Kim said...

Love your scrappy Carolina Christmas...I'm working on mine now :0) what a lot of piecing huh?
I love mine and hope to have it together before 2009 is over!

Merry Christmas, thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Sewing!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

My goodness Andee! This post is chock FULL of business! Way to be so motivated; now hopefully some of it rubs off on me ;0)

Good thing Mac flew yesterday; the snow storm has begun; already a good 3 inches on the ground, with another 9-15+ expected by the end of the day tomorrow, depending on location!

(BTW--"the package" hit the mail Monday, so it should hopefully be arriving today??? depending on mail flow)

Sue said...

What fabulous quilty goodness you have there! Love the colours of Carolina Christmas. Merry Christmas to you, Kathy and the kids.

Quilter Kathy said...

You have made great time on these mystery blocks!
Your photo of the blocks layed out looks great!

Roslyn said...

I am happy to see the Carolina Christmas as it will be-tonight I have been working on all the HST blocks & the first of the red. Her quilts are always way many little bits, I may call this the last Bonnie mystery! It is my sixth with her.
I haven't begun to prep for the NYE yet but Weds. is the day, I want to continue with CC for a bit.
See you Thursday bright & early I guess!