Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tea Wallets and Teal Rainbow BOM

Today I made Hannah and I each a tea wallet.  I found the tutorial ages ago on
and finally got around to making them.  Hannah's is purple--her favorite color.  Speaking of purple, I went today and had an eye exam and ordered new purple glasses--so excited because they are my sunglasses which are a must have here in Arizona year round and my last pair got run over a month after I got them!  Grrr.  These come with a one year warranty, yipppee!

Angela says our next color for Rainbow BOM is teal, so here are two teal Jack in the Box blocks I sewed while watching Extreme Weight Loss for the first time.  Which reminds me I haven't updated on eating better and getting more exercise....I have lost 18 pounds and Kathy 20.  So we are still doing well and trying every day.  I still need to ride my bike more regularily as that would help me but the batteries died and while waiting for Kathy to get batteries and change it..well it has been about ten days since I have been on the darn thing!  But batteries are in and I am ready to go again!

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Amy said...

It's so fun to make up new patterns!!! Cute tea wallets.

Did you ever do anything with the 2012 Jack in the Box rainbow blocks? Are you adding to them this year? Hm....I wonder if I could "catch up" now that the year is half over! LOL.

AND WAAAH HOOOOO on the 38 total pounds of weight loss between you and Kathy!!! Internal motivation is key, but SO DIFFICULT sometimes! I, too, haven't been running in almost two weeks, hoping to rest up my knee. It's feeling MUCH better, but now....I'm fighting getting over the hump of starting up again. We can do it. We can do it.