Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fancy a Split Nine Patch Challenge this Year?

 Yes Bonnie Hunter has issued a new challenge--our first year we did bow ties, the second we did spools, and this year she has upped the anty a bit to split nine patches!  Nevermind that my bow ties haven't been quilted yet, my spools aren't even in a flimsy yet...time to get ready for a new challenge!

 I started out by cutting up some scraps that had been accumulating from other them all tidied up and in 2.5 inch squares or strips for my bins and all put away.  I tend to do that every few weeks or so when there is no more room to stuff them into the waiting to be cut scrap bin!  Then I remembered that I had some squares of that size--somewhere.  I found them and sorted them into darks and light.  Then I went to my leftover bits and extra hst's and found all the ones that were the right size and added them to the bin.  Now it looks like I really have done something--yippee!
And of course I had to put the first block together to see just what it would look like.  I have to say I like that these blocks will be in a larger size when done because the stack of spools are small and still need much sewing!  In a year (or two or three) this project will be another yep, now I have eight Bonnie Hunter projects going at once.  :)
If you don't have any or you have several (you can never have enough, lol) go here!


Quilter Kathy said...

Too funny how that Bonnie gets us into these projects, and then finishes hers...but ours don't seem to get finished as quickly! LOL

scraphappy said...

Another fun Quiltville project. I wonder what I can finish off to feel better about a new project? I am already sad about missing out on the spools.