Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sharon Schamber Visits the PHXMQG

 Yesterday was the July meeting of the PHXMQG and we had a full room of ladies with lots of learning, fun and laughter with our guest speaker Sharon Schamber.  We are fortunate that she happens to be the mom of one of our members, Cristy (who is also amazingly talented) and so as a favor to her she came to do a trunk show for us!  She is also planning to come back in a few months and teach us a workshop!
Here are my paper pieced blocks (Wild and Goosey) for the paper piecing challenge.  We had about nine participants this time around.

Here is Sharon giving us her wisdom with the quilt I loved the most.  Love the color, love the use of red and can not get my jaw off the floor on the beauty and detail in her quilts.  She said she puts 1000 to 3000 hours into a quilt.  This one is still in progress and has been embroidered but isn't yet quilted.  I can see why she is a three time award winner in Best of Show at Houson's show!   

 I didn't have the best seat for pictures, despite trying to plan for a good spot for pictures!  Sharon shared her wisdom on people, quilters and life along the way and was really insightful!  Many of the quilters stayed after the meeting to talk to her personally and find out more about their auras.  She was pretty spot on from what folks said!  She is truly gifted in many ways and is a humble, gentle soul.  I have more appreciation for applique than ever before too.
While people were still standing around talking and sharing with each other, I headed off to work a long shift (til midnight) since I am trying to get in lots of hours before we head to Wisconsin on Wednesday.  I can't wait for some recharging time!  

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