Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quiltville Spool Challenge Progress Report

 I have been Spoolin' Around with Bonnie Hunter this past year and have really enjoyed it!  I haven't counted these spools yet, but the link up encouraged me to finish up the few spools I had left (below) so now I am done making spools (unless the math requires more when it gets put together).  Here are some of the pictures of the spools as they have come along this year.  No time to lay them all out just now.

So I am linking up with Bonnie to show my progress so far.  Her spools are already in a quilt and quilted (I swear she has a twin who quilts 20 hours a day--wink) so check the link to see it!  She has already posted a challenge for this year on this post and I do plan to do that one too.  (Last year's cheddar bow ties are at least a top already...what's one more quilt?)  So who else is in--the more the merrier!
If you are interested in seeing my own little parade of Bonnie quilts click here!


Helen in the UK said...

Your spools look too cute and the bowties wonderful too! Got to love all those tiny scrappy blocks :)

Granny Lyn said...

Wow,,,I'm impressed!! I just checked out your quiltville achievements and am in awe!!! I, too, love Bonnie' s quilting style, scrappy makes me happy! Great job on the spoils.