Monday, July 1, 2013

A Pair of Baby Boy Quilt Tops

 Coleman and I enjoyed a short day at work today and a lunch at the TeePee with my aunt, uncle and cousins who are in town from Wisconsin.  (Fools visiting us this time of year, lol!) Then I decided to use up some of this fabric bought three summers ago on a trip to Wisconsin..I want to hit Mill's End again and I sure can't justify that if I have all this still hanging around right?  So I dug out my go to Bonnie Hunter "Streak of Sunshine" pattern and a new to me "Storytime Squares" pattern by Rae Hoekstra.  Both patterns are free online.  Here are the pictures which I remembered to take often!

Streak of Sunshine Beatrix Potter Quilt 

 Here the cat and I are hard at work sewing :)  Here is Storytime Squares...

These colors are so relaxing and muted and not the colors I usually go for, but the price was right at the time and I am always in need of baby fabric.  Even with making one of the two backings I still have most of the stack of fabrics left...think I overbought on this line!
Since two of my cousins are currently pregnant with boys I am guessing these quilts will find their way to good homes to snuggle some happy babies!

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