Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Sack Swap 2012--Thank You Melissa!

The day arrived and I opened my gifts that I have been looking at for months!  I had all kinds of surprises in store!  My partner Melissa is a crocheter and she made me a wide variety of goodies.  There are two pincushions (to add to my collection), snowman themed hotpads and coffee cozy (that will get some serious use) and a fabulous kitchen towel holder.  That is already in use...I love having a place to hang my kitchen towels!  The tablerunner is Christmas themed and soft as baby yarn.  I didn't decorate much this year, so it added some festivity to my living room!

 Here is a close up so you can see all those cool snowmen and my pin cushions.
 I also got a cool picture frame that can be the long way or the short way depending on the picture you put in it.  There is a removable magnet to decorate the frame in the right direction no matter how you lay the frame.  I have never seen these, can't wait to find the perfect picture to put in it!  I got a little pink zipper bag (I have already used to put Bonnie hunter spool pieces in for travel days) and a pencil case and bag that match.  Again, already in use..I put my PHMQG stuff in it for when I got to meetings, now I won't forget my name tag again!
 Close ups of that stuff and underneath you can see some paper goods I got.  There are a few card making kits and scratch pads and paper and another picture frame that holds two five by seven pictures.  I should have taken a better picture of that!
 Love my bag which says "beautiful inside and out"!  Thank you Melissa!  I hope you like your gifts as much as I liked mine!
http://melsdaisypatch.blogspot.com/  if you want to check out Melissa's blog too!


Sandra Kaye said...

Merry Christmas!! I love the snowmen!!

melsdaisypatch said...

Glad you liked all your goodies!! I had a lot of fun making and finding all of them for you!! I love mine too. I will be taking pictures and posting about them soon. Can't wait to make something with all the lovely fabric. Thanks again!!