Friday, November 2, 2012

Easy Street--I Can't Wait!!!!

I may be working til 6 tonight, but I am still thinking about Bonnie's upcoming "Easy Street" mystery quilt!  Are you joining in? in case you somehow missed her post about it!  I don't have any LIME in my fabric stash (unless you count my moderns, but I don't think I want to mix) so I just went to and ordered some of this wild lime fabric.  I am hoping it works!  I plan to stick with Bonnie's color scheme this time.
Kathy is going to join in, but is changing up the colors.  She isn't entirely decided, but thinks it will be brown, blue, turquiose, muslin and one other color.  We will use the color wheel to try to see if we can do something similar to Bonnie.
So far besides Kathy and I and her neice Megan, I believe BJ, the other Kathy I sew with, Barb, Becky, a few facebook friends--Latrelle and Xina, I am pretty sure Amy in Wisconsin is joining in and I am still trying to convince Angela over there in Florida and Lauren here in Arizona.  I know tons of bloggers and quiltville fans all over the world are joining in, did I miss anyone?  If any of my regular readers are doing Easy Street, let me know I want to make sure to follow along on your blog too!


scraphappy said...

I think I'm in. Maybe a more beach theme with blue, aqua and green. Maybe Bonnie's colors with pink for the purple? First I'll clear out the scrap basket and see which colors need to get used. Love your lime, what other fabric are you thinking of?

Pam said...

I'm in, I'll be following Bonnie's colors too - I'm off to find the gray and white with black prints - only had 2 in my stash, and one is a shirt the belonged to my youngest son!
I can't wait to get going on this quilt, been looking forward to it since I finished Orca Bay.