Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Funday!

 Can't recall if I posted my sock again here or just on facebook!  Here is the first sock I did over a year ago now I believe....and the second sock that I had started..I have now ripped out most of the errors and have started working on it again...slowly.  I pretty much forgot everything I knew so I am kicking myself for putting it down.  Pretty sure I will be taking another class on this personal footprints method.  Meanwhile I signed up for a Crafsy class and was going to start that, but felt guilty for not finishing am working on this first, I think.
 This morning I whipped up two pillowcases (following Weeks Ringle's free pattern) with the batman fabric I bought yesterday on sale at 35th Ave.  These will be for Mac for Christmas.  He loves all things comic so every time I see fabric with comics I get the urge to make him something.  Hope he likes them.
I also forgot to post a picture of the grey pinwheels so here they are and I can link up with SoScrappy's blog.  
Packer game on soon, so I will be handsewing my hexies.  I need to grade papers but just can't quite seem to get there...have been reading lots of books lately, but need to switch gears!


Cathy Tomm said...

Great pinwheel blocks. Socks, I have had the same trouble, get one done then the second one takes forever.

scraphappy said...

It seems a shame to spend your weekend grading papers. Hope it all gets done. Love your sock. Keep thinking I should put that on my list for someday. Maybe? Enjoy your hexies. Much better plan for a Sunday than more work.

Edith said...

Nice grey pinwheels and one great sock, I still have one sock to knit for my daughter, just finished the first one... how long will it be???

Sheila said...

Pretty sock. I hope you can remember how to make the second one. I can't knit.
And nice gray pinwheels. Looking forward to seeing all out rainbow quilts come together in December : )

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Nice job sewing up the bonus tri pinwheels :) As for the sock! Wooohoooo! You're a full sock and a half further than I'll EVER be :} I have no clue how to knit.