Saturday, November 17, 2012

PHXMQG Meeting was Today!

We had our PHXMQG meeting today, and 24 people were there.  It was a great bunch, a mix of friends and friends yet to be made!  I won this cool pattern which I really love!  Polka dots always make me smile.  Can't wait to try it out...thanks go to Jona who got some freebies at Quilt Market to give away as door prizes.  I have never heard of this designer, so I will be checking her out!
 LOVE it even more when I see the quilting in this picture.  Seriously amazing!  Pictures borrowed from Patty Young.
 Here is our whole group except for me and Alyssa who were snapping photos!  Oh and Gina who left before we took the picture.  A very diverse group of talented quilters!
 Here is BJ with her quilt.  It is bright as always.  I can't recall the pattern name, but BJ told me we all bought it together recently.  I need to go find it...cute!  BJ and Jacki drove up early and we went to 35th Ave. on our side of town, to the Good Egg (AAA had to come because someone (and it wasn't Ros who was out of town, lol) forgot her keys in the car's ignition!) then we went to SAS for a quick stop.  And I mean quick, we were out of there in a flash, grabbed some drinks and hit this meeting.  I haven't taken pictures of my purchases yet!
 It made my day that they were both there and that they seem to be planning to join the PHXMQG!  That will be so awesome...they are both fun to hang around and put up with me with style.
I had asked on the PHXMQG blog if anyone wanted to make disappearing nine patches to give to Erin to make quilts and send on to the Hurricane survivors.  Bonnie met the challenge with these seven blocks (to add to my six) and BJ cut some out so on December 1st I will be mailing them out!  
Our meeting was a good one, we did tons of planning and brainstorming for the next year.  If you want to check out that blog to see what we are up to!  If you are in the Phoenix area, consider coming to our next meeting and seeing if the group is for you!


pizzaeater said...

I am in the Phoenix area and might be interested in attending a meeting to see what it is like.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!!!