Sunday, October 2, 2011

Have you Missed Me?

Well I have missed blogging! I finally got my Viking machine back on Friday! I managed to get this little Peanut Butter Bars mini quilt sewn up in and around my crazy life. We also cooked a turkey and the fixins because we had to make pasties with my mom and sister Saturday...and we had bought a ton of meat and needed to mix up meatloaf and hamburgers to freeze...we were in the middle of all of this when we realized CJ was having an allergic reaction to one of his new meds. Off to the ER we went and stayed until about 2 something AM. I did manage to knit half a dishcloth while I was there. When we got home we had tons of stuff to finish up and clean up before bed. Nevermind I had worked at 6 AM Friday so total sleep in those two night was about 10 hours. NOT ENOUGH! Somehow I managed to work and make it to Mom's on Saturday were we made a zillion pasties. Mine were turkey, potatoes and sweet potatoes, and a small batch of hamburger, potatoes and carrots. This is my step dad's mom's recipe and is a great thing to keep on hand in the freezer for busy nights (every night, lol). This pic is my mom and nephew Ben working on the pastry for the crust.

Today we stopped at DJ's grandfather's place (and gave him some pasties) and caught some of the Packer game (he has free NFL ticket and we will be visiting him more often on game days!) and then after unloading and reworking the freezers to fit the pasties I made this little orange Auntie's Anvil block.

DJ did some cutting of tiny muslin squares and some ironing..this is the first center of a block coming together for Smith Mountain Morning. I also cut my civil war strips for my swap and got them ready to mail AND wrapped my Santa Swap 2 Partner Shannon's gifts and got those ready to go out (a few days behind schedule--how did October get her so dang fast?)
Then I sewed these fun squares into a little quilt top. I wanted to do something

Halloweenish and I plan to use my cool Lil' Twister ruler to make these blocks even more fun! Hope to get to it before we leave on Thursday for the National Storytelling Festival!

I also managed to finish listening to Angel of Darkness, which wasn't so great but was a Goodwill find so oh well and updated my book journal with all the books I have been reading and listening to. I am incredibly happy and blessed tonight and I hope you are too!

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