Saturday, October 29, 2011

Desert Botanical Gardens sans Sewing

My machine is still in the hospital and I am just about mad...last weekend we kept busy by going to the Desert Botanical Garden and to the Flea Market. This helped kill time and take my mind off not sewing...but...still! Here are Randy and DJ.

And DJ and I!

My first desert pumpkin patch...and hayride in 96 degree heat. Made me miss Wisconsin!

The flowers were so gorgeous!

This was artwork on the wall...Monet's inspiration I think.

Walking up the mountain..see the giant ants ahead? There are tons of insect sculptures all around and kids like to hunt for them.

We took a seat for a bit and right next to us on a rock was this guy! We took a ton of pictures of him and spent about 8 minutes admiring him!

Of course I also did some knitting. This picture reminds me of what my Grandma Nan always looked like knitting, LOL!

These pictures were off DJ's grandfather's camera..I have yet to download mine. I did get some fabric in the mail for Hannah's Christmas tree skirt so I need to get clicking, cutting and I hope one day soon, sewing!


Roslyn said...

Hey I have a Featherweight you can borrow Andee, want it?

Shannon said...

Wow, it must be hard not having your sewing machine. Your adventure sure looks like fun. That lizard is so cool!