Friday, May 6, 2011

Seasons Bargello Finally Becomes a Flimsy!

I made another star block for a soldier....this one looks better than the first one now that I watched the points a bit better! I need to mail this baby off!

My quilt guild, Nimble Thimbles, has done a challenge the last two years in July. They have us bring in three of our UFO's and the group votes on which one we are to get done by the following July. I have not been able to make either of the meetings where the group decided which UFO to do so I put it to a vote on my blog back in July or so and this was the one folks thought I should do. Here is DJ helping me figure out (for the nth time) how to put these Bargello Seasons quilts (from my Quilt University class three years ago or so).

We moved them around and there was a little unsewing involved before we were satisfied.

I went with a light color in between the seasons but then added the dark green border because the light just wasn't cutting it for me. My oldest son is being silly holding the quilt up for me...I wasn't quick enough to snap this one.

And here is is...little hard to see the final border, I will get another picture outside tomorrow.
Check out CJ's silly smile. He enjoyed "helping" me.

Tomorrow DJ has to work for awhile and then she will work on our roof and garage wall...the last time this was planned it POURED we finally found a day to fit it in and then last minute she wound up needing to work half the day. I hope the darn thing gets done. I can't park in my garage and I am going nuts! So I am going to June's to sew and will have something to blog about tomorrow too! WHOOT WHOOT!

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