Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday Dad

I requested two more Quilts for Kids kits from Downy....these arrived in the mail last week. I need to get these two together to send off to some sick kiddos!
Here is my little nephew Ben making us all do his little pose brother is holding him, then next is my sister, mother, me and my (step) dad. We celebrated Mother's Day and my Dad's birthday...he is 64!

Can't believe I haven't been gushing about my new phone! This is a Samsung is amazing! I can do all the normal phoning and texting on it, but also can play solitare, Angry Birds, and tons of other games. I can read my Nook books on it and surf the net. It is unreal. I am one happy girl..especially because it has a touch screen for typing (also has a slideout keyboard) and I can do a funky slide typing all of which means my BlackBerry thumb can heal. I have been having awful pain in my right thumb and couldn't manage to force myself to text with a different all that is over, YAY!

Tonight DJ helped my cut a bunch of squares for a type of Eye Spy ish quilt for my cousin Tara's soon to be born son , Koi. We cut enough squares to do two of these as I am forever in need of a baby quilt or two. I just realized that my cousin Crystal had her second son and I don't think I sent her a quilt. Usually I do but I don't have her I better whip one up for that little guy too. I am going to need one suitcase for all the quilts I am hauling back to Wisconsin when we go in June!

As promised, here is one of the two pillowcases I made at June's. Ben got one, and this one will be gifted to some other little one.

Here we are again being a little less silly, this is the picture right before we all did the cheesy dimple thing! Happy Mother's Day all.

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