Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Simple Quilt is Coming Along

My daughter Hannah is a junior in college majoring in accounting and is currently taking a summer class in China. She is the beautiful blonde in the center back row in white. This is the only picture I have seen so far as they don't always have the bandwith to post photos but they are blogging and it has been fun to follow along!

Got crazy at JoAnn's. I wanted a gnome so bad and he was 50 percent off so he is now snoozing out my front door!

I also managed to find another Densyse Schmidt fabric that I didn't already have! I pulled up the picture on my blog to see if I had it and it didn't look like it, and voila I didn't have it already! This pic doesn't have my green dots in in, but I have that one too.

I bought these two fabrics for backing...the dog paws will go on Seth's quilt that Kathy made last NYE day and the fish will go on the back of Koi's "Simple Quilt".
And here is the Simple Quilt. I didn't make it as big as the pattern but I have more blocks done. It just was getting too big for a baby quilt! I need to either quilt or tie it this week too. And the bonus is I have enough cut to make two more this size!

My parents are moving down to New River this weekend....into my sister's house actually. My sister is moving into two of the bedrooms that are joined (office and bedroom for her) and staying for the summer. Partly for financial reasons and partly to help mom through the radiation. My mom found out she has stage three ductile breast cancer. She opted not to do the chemo. So nothing like trying to help the family pack, clean, move and unpack. DJ and I came up a few weekends ago to help and again today. We haven't stopped moving! I just showered and wanted to blog and check my email. So tomorrow is another big day.

But....Sunday afternoon I am sewing with June!


wackywoman said...

My mom had an agressive breast cancer 5 years ago and did not have any treatment other than a mastectomy. She is still cancer free today.

Sandi said...

I hope you are sewing with June right now! Will add your mom to my prayers. Moving is not fun. We helped my mom and dad move twice about eight years ago and since my dad passed away my mom has moved three times and now she is hoping to move again. She wants a one bedroom at the Senior apts. I hope it doesn't come available til after summer. :-) Have a good afternoon sewing!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

After all that moving aid, I sure HOPE you enjoy sewing on Sunday! :0)
Gosh---those are fun fabrics!