Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Sewing Day at June's :)

You may remember my bag of half square bonus triangles from quilt camp...I decided to iron a bunch more and do some squaring up...was a lot of froggin around (as I say) and I only netted this!

I plan to make some more and do a little Broken Crockery mini quilt wall hanging. It will match the quilt I gave my daughter Hannah last year (Bonnie's Carolina Christmas) since these were cut from those blocks. I think Hannah will like it since purple is her favorite color. I should mention that she and her fiance broke up a few weeks ago too. Long story, but basically he was lying about some things including a woman and Hannah found out. She is really glad they decided on the long engagement and so very little about the wedding was planned and only one deposit was made. I think her heart is broken anway, but in time she will be happy again. Too bad, because after our Disney trip I really became fond of Jeremy.

And as promised some photos in the light of Seasons Bargello. Next I need to make a backing for it.

I also made two mini pillowcases which were far more complicated than I expected. I don't plan to make that pattern again, but they turned out cute...if an odd size. Forgot to get a picture, so will do that eventually though one is already wrapped up for my nephew Ben's fourth birthday.

I made egg brunch tonight (it rests in the fridge and goes in the oven in the morning) to take to my sister's. Mom and Dad will be there and my brother and crew will come up too. My Dad's bday is tomorrow, Ben just had his and Sam's was in the car is loaded down with cards and gifts too.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh yes...the added darker green border finished up the quilt nicely :0)

Enjoy your egg brunch and time with family!