Sunday, October 12, 2008

ABC Quilts for Three Nephews and a Niece

I have three and a half quilt tops done for Kathy's three nephews and niece. We plan to tie them and give them to the little ones for Christmas. I used my four ABC swaps (mixed up sort of randomly) and just put blue fabric between the rows and on the edges. They aren't anything fabulous, but it was so nice to sew for a few hours last night and get the second and third ones done. The fourth one just needs the blue added and it will be done. We haven't yet decided who will get which one but when they are all done we will study them and decide. I took a picture of the third one and can't figure out where it saved on my computer...interesting!

Fourth one in progress..
I need to pick up some patches to fix my Weaver Fever quilt since Otto (our blind dog) sometimes chews in his sleep and apparently the quilt was hanging off the bed and after three years he got it. He ruined one of my other quilts and I had to patch it (Strawberry quilt) and now I am really sad he got this one. He is old though and doesn't destroy anything while awake so we just have to take care that the quilt isn't hanging over him!
I am on fall break for the next week and am excited to do some sewing and lesson planning and sleeping in! The first quarter is over and other than getting hit in the ear by a plastic duck (one of my students threw HARD at me while I wasn't looking) it has gone alright. Some of these kids really are not respectful and the job has been more about maintaining classroom control than about teaching ASL--at least for two out of my five hours. I take my hats off to you long time teachers, because WOW! I may go back to interpreting full time next year. The jury is still out on that.

Now to leave you on a more positive note, my nephew Ben (who I just met in July) is a smart little guy. I taught him several signs in a few hours and he signs like crazy now! He even signs my name. Here is a our first picture together...

I have a feeling he will be as dear to my as my sister's son who just joined the Navy and who is
my only other nephew...I have no nieces yet (unless you count the ex's and unfortunately the divorce kind of made them no longer mine).

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