Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Starry-Eyed Block

The last starry-eyed block is finally done! Well the last one posted that I just didn't get to with moving and all the mystery quilts I was doing. Here is the link in case you are interested in it. This one went together really well, and I mostly used fat quarters that I had won in various online contests for the pieces in it.

I still have the Xtreme challenge block left but can't get it set right to save my life. I really like the star too! In case you have forgotten, that is this block. I ripped the white corners off and tried to redo them but so far haven't been satisfied with it sits! if you want to do it...I warn you it is not for the meek!
So at least it was a great sewing day and I really enjoyed my vacation this day. Anyone got any great ideas for how to set the stars all together in one quilt? I know I need to figure something out and do it or it will just sit around waiting!


Sandi said...

I left a comment on your "Some dec....etc." post about my thoughts on setting your blocks. I should have read in order but I got excited checking out all the star blocks and the wonderful stained glass ornaments. They are awesome!!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

With all those various colors, I am really thinking that a sashing is needed to bring it all together. Hmmm...some of the blocks seem to be different sizes? Is there a way to piece the smaller ones together to match the size of the larger? Or perhaps you could center the smaller blocks with some white borders to match the other blocks???

I will be QUITE interested in your decision---I have 12 blocks that my Grandmother had created--all various "State" blocks, and I haven't dared put them together yet....

HAVE FUN! (and thanks for the warning of pattern 803) I'm guessing you struggled with the set-in corner seams? I struggled too! I am NOT a fan of set-in seams!

Happy sewing

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

yup--me again
Looking closer at the blocks, I see that 4 of them are just about the same size?? (The smaller ones, that is) I could see those being corner-stones. Try placing them as corner stones and see if the others fall in place somehow? I like the look of the larger ones together---keep that. I agree that a black sashing might be the right touch, but sashing is most definitely a great way to "tie them all together." Maybe the medium-sized blocks could create a row? Or----perhaps a "medallion center" out of those? eh...maybe not, because then you will lose the "neatness" of how well the larger blocks fit together.

Okay---just a few rambling thoughts.....