Monday, October 13, 2008

Randy's Stained Glass Hobby and the Last ABC Quilt Top

Yesterday Kathy cleared her woodworking area and built a larger worktable on the other side of the garage for her stuff. She needed more space and Randy needed a place to do his stained glass work. So today he set up all his stained glass stuff and spent some time outside working on this Christmas ornament. I took pictures here and there so you could see the process. He plans to get more ornaments made before the Christmas season hits us. I think he was glad to get back to his hobby...did I mention he moved here from Wisconsin and moved in with us? We are once again the three musketeers and when Randy finds a job then things will be even better!

These are the cut pieces sitting on the pattern.

This is with the soldering in progress, I like the lok with the gold and silver.
And here it is all done, though hard to see the different colored glass from this angle.
I spent some time today catching up on blogs...I still have over a thousand to go...guess other people have more time to write than I do, but it was very motivating and so I did get up to the loft and finished the forth ABC quilt top that was in progress. I also took pictures of all of them again and now will try to decide which one goes to who!
Critter gets the fire hydrants and pretzels ABC Quilt.
The youngest nephew, Seth, gets this quilt with little rubber duckies and frogs on it.
This one has footballs, school busses and trains so Mikey, the oldest nephew gets it.
This one has pretty unicorns and dragonflies and I think is the girliest of the bunch so this one is for Ayla.
So soon I will get the batting and backing ready for these and then I will feel like I have really made progress towards the Christmas gift list!

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Quirky said...

You are certainly a talented bunch over there! I hope you are enjoying your holiday!