Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Wonderful Vacation Day!

Randy and I went to my sister Tina's last night and spent the night with her and my nephew Ben (my brother's son) who is learning to sign thanks to his aunt Angela. He is a smart guy..not yet a year and a half and can make all the animal sounds when you ask him what the cat, dog, cow, pig, etc. say. Amazing...least he is to us. He wasn't in the mood for pictures--he isn't much of a poser yet, but we took this one anyway!
So we stayed over and watched movies and I read a book about teaching (Teach Like Your Hair is on Fire) cover to cover and we played and played with Ben. Oh and my other nephew Christopher called (he is the one that just joined the Navy and is at boot camp) and so I got to talk to him for a few minutes and tell him how proud of him we are. He has had a tough time in life for some reason and I am hoping that the Navy will help him see the best in himself. It is there!
This is me and my favorite sister Tina! We both got our haircut today (mine is already flat and windblown, lol!) and finally went in to get our toes done together. We planned on doing this last August for our bdays but never managed to fit it happy belated birthday to us! She is two years younger than I am. I think today might have been the best day of my vacation since I actually spent money on myself and just enjoyed the day. On the way home we stopped and I picked up some make up and lotion and such that I was in need of and feel all around pampered!
As for sewing... I did work for a short time on my redwork in the car, but didn't get a picture yet. I will take one later so you can see I finally almost have that long ago started redwork done. Hopefully there will be some sewing time tomorrow, but I have work stuff to do too!

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Julie said...

What a cute nephew you have. And good for you and your sister. We all need to pamper ourselves sometimes.