Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Pictures in the Sun!

Today on my Quiltville group Julie posted the albums of the finished Orange Crush and Tobacco Road quilts for us to enjoy. I didn't do the Tobacco Road quilt due to time but am itching for Bonnie's next mystery! I did do the OC and took some pictures awhile back, one of which was posted by Julie but I realized when looking through them (they are awesome and so different!) that mine is a tad bit blurry so I hauled it outside and took more pictures today. This one is much better than the previous slightly blurry one (think my batteries were dying that day).

I also decided to haul out Rachel's Outside the Box Quilt and take pictures. I am almost done hand binding this one..see where I am?

This quilt is really big and I just love how Jen Bauer (in Rice Lake, WI) quilted it. Very modern looking and soon it will reside in Norway with Rachel. Kind of exciting to have quilts on two continents. LOL!

So far today I spent awhile on the phone with one of my best friends, did laundry, read all my email and blogs and took these pictures. Now to get on with some sewing!


Julie said...

Hi, Angela. I was just surfing the Mystery Quilter's blog ring and your blog is three over from mine. LOL. I am the Julie you are talking about. I meant to only post the links to photos of my quilts and Cindy's quilt but who knows what I actually did. You have some beautiful quilts basking in the sun here!

Alycia said...

Love both of those quilts. I followed the progress on the Mystery quilt - glad you got it done!