Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Progress on Tina's Tablerunner, a Cat in the Sink, and Limes NO they're Lemons!

I guess this picture is a bit upside down, but you get the idea..I stitched in the ditch around the colored squares and on the ouside edge of the colorful is okay. I then pinned up the backing to handstitch closed which I still need to do. It is bigger than I thought it would be, but my favorite sister Tina should love it!
This strange cat Jade has a habit of climbing in the sink whenever we are on the toilet (we don't shut the doors unless others are here!) and she always wants a drink of fresh water from the tap. She is not happy that in the master bathroom we cannot reach the sink from the toilet as the toilet is in a separate room (about the size of an airplane bathroom and the door seriously really cannot be shut!). She then will curl up in hte sink since it is just her size and hang today I ran out to grab the camera and take a picture of a leisurely Jade kitty in our sink!
We were so excited to find out we had five fruit trees in our backyard. When we arrived only one had fruit which appeared to be limes and we were told it was limes. Today I happened to notice there was a green fruit on another tree which previously had none...I then counted about eight blood oranges! This got me to checking out all the trees and the labels on them. We have a key lime, tangerine, grapefruit, blood orange and the one in the picture above...LEMON! Not ripe limes as we thought, but unripe lemons! I am thrilled to death with this find because I love lemons and this tree has a ton of fruit on it...of course I had picked all of the above (and a few more we already gave away as limes!) before I discovered the burried label (Meyer Lemon) and did the happy dance. So I didn't want to waste these lemons and put one in my diet coke (sorry in advance to my dentist) and Kathy made me a fresh squeezed glass of lemonade which was really good despite the unripeness of the fruit.
I haven't been doing much sewing...start work again on Friday which is coming fast! I just found out my mentor is the old ASL teacher who has transferred to teaching Photography. He interviewed me on the phone and seems awesome so I am really excited to have him for a mentor and I will meet him Friday!
I have been reading alot. Currently reading "Run" by Ann Patchett which is good.


Quirky said...

Your runner is lovely. I'm sure your sister will be rapt with it.

The picture of Jade had the missus and I both laughing. She looks so comfortable there.

All those fruit trees sound brilliant. I planted a dwarf Myer lemon in the back yard in the autumn. They are my favourite.

It is Saturday morning here, so sometime on Friday over the pond. I hope you had a good first day. Although, it always seems odd to me starting the school year in the middle of the year, not the end of January like we do here.

Anonymous said...

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