Friday, July 11, 2008

My Favorite Sister Tina's Tablerunner!

Here is my favorite sister's tablerunner top complete as of moments ago! For those of you who are wondering, she is my only sister and for the past several years we have called each other "my favorite sister" and her son was my only nephew so he was "my favorite nephew" but now my brother has a one year old son so now they are "my other favorite nephews" lol. So inside joke, not hurting any other sister's feelings! She picked this pattern out in Trego, WI when we were visiting my dad last year together. She never goes to the quilt store with me as that is not her gig, but she said I will buy the pattern if you will make it so now finally I did! I need to get it all together so I can give it to her for her birthday Aug. 3rd. I am trying to keep it a secret from her, though occasionally she reads this blog so we shall see! I now live only an hour from her and it is so nice to be able to go visit and hang out with her and she has a pool!
This is the backing for her is actually leftover backing from my stepdad's quilt and I still have a chunk left. I apparently either under or overestimate these things! It is nice to be checking UFO's of my list though....whoo hoo! This is the pattern too in case you are dying to make one, it is from Backyard Quilts and went together pretty easily and I enjoyed the handsewing too!
Well folks, I am off to get on the treadmill because I really need to get going on that again and it has been SO long! Then a shower and working on work stuff...we are FINALLY signing the closing papers on this house tonight and wiring money on Monday so it should be a done deal soon!


Amanda said...

Love the table runner, very striking. Hope all goes through with the sale without any traumas.

Quirky said...

Gorgeous table runner. Good luck with your house.

Candace said...

The tablerunner is great. Your family humor seems to be about the same as ours. I have heard that joke many times in ours. Good luck with your house.