Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Little Bit of Sewing Going on!

Today I added another border to the QOV quilt I made a week or so ago. It has little flags on it and is actually leftover from some patriotic tablerunners I made four of several years ago (it was the backing) and I still have some left! I think I bought it right after 9/11 when I felt more patriotic than almost any other time I can remember. Which reminds me that I took my daughter's girl scout troup (I was leader then) and my son and partner at the time to the fairgrounds on Sept. 16th and we participated in this picture below. We are on the left outermost row of the "U" in red, white and blue (with sashes atop). We were so helpless to do anything for those who lost loved ones or who still didn't know about their loved ones, so we did this and it helped us cope. I guess remembering this in July is pretty appropriate.
Also, I am donating this QOV to Alycia and her girl scout troup in Colorado she has offered to quilt it (Thanks Alycia!) and will send it on to the soldiers in the unit she and her awesome girl scouts are working with! Oh and I snapped a picture of this postcard photo I have which is by T-BO Studio.
I was motivated to make this little tablerunner after seeing a picture in a blog of a simple tablerunner that was so cute! I have it all together and pinned to a crazy lemon backing but am scared to try machine quilting it because I never am too good at that, but I will give it a shot...practice makes perfect. I need to work on my purple wallhanging quilting too...
I am participating in Quilt Talk's ABC swap again. I picked B for beachballs and it arrived yesterday and is so cute! I also picked A for ants and am waiting on that fabric. There are three different groups so I will get back two different sets of blocks!
I just wanted to show you how meant to be we are in this house...(btw we are finally closed on it!) Kathy and I went and picked out paint cards in Wisconsin and decided we wanted this shade of blue in our bedroom (matches the bed quilt) and check it out next to the wall color that was already there...kind of creepy huh? All of our stuff goes well with the paint these people chose! The yellow in the kitchen is not exactly what I would have picked and the vibrant blue in CJ's room is a bit much but the rest of the house is amazingly as we would have done it!

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Quirky said...

If yo don't feel confident about machine quilting the table runner, do something simple like in the ditch quilting....Remember the quilt police aren't gonna getcha!
As for your new was meant to be!