Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Flowers, a Sewing Bee Prize, and a Tablerunner Start!

Just for no reason the honey gave me flowers..aren't they gorgeous? The cat has had a good time attacking them and I have saved them from going over more than once but I love those sunflower looking ones!
Brenda from my Stashbuilders online group sent me this cool Thimbleberries Quilting Journal for the June sewing bee prize I won. Pretty exciting to get these random goodies in the mail. Our new mailbox is down the road (you need a key to get in it) which I don't like..I always watch for the mailwoman and burst out the door for the mail as soon as she passes...now I have to just wait til around noon and go--not nearly as exciting!
These two quilts are going in the mail tomorrow to MA. They are gifts for Kathy's brother and sister...we will miss them brightening up the living room, but they are both all set and we are going to put them in the mail with a wing and a prayer!
I have been working on syllabi and lesson plans for my ASL classes (I used to teach a 16 week semester college class and now will be teaching a 36 week-more hours per week-year long high school class so CHANGES ABOUND!) which is almost overwhelming! I finally am situated for ASL 2 (using the same books as I did for ASL 3 at my other job) and am a third of the way there for ASL 1....I will be putting in extra time all year getting this all switched around, but eventually this should get easier...lol I do love it though I am sure there will be one heck of a learning curve. Also made me smile today that I got a call from another school in the same district apparently interested in hiring me as well...but too late I signed my contract already.
Enough abourt that stuff..after working hard for two days I decided to reward myself with some sewing! I got out this tablerunner that my sister picked out for herself a year ago! It was mostly precut and just needed the black wool that I got in Chicago so I sewed the blocks and ironed the circles and stars on...now to handsew the circles and stars in place tonight! Her birthday is Aug. 3rd so I am trying to get this set to give her as part of her gift!


Quirky said...

Those are lovely flowers. Very romantic! I'm glad Lestat isn't the only cat who has an attraction for flowers. When the missus gives them to me I have to put them in the ensuite bathroom cuz Lestat bites the heads off! That is a lovely table runner. Your sister is a lucky woman!

Quirky said...

A handmade card would go very nicely with it too! *grinz*

Anne Heidi said...

Such lovely flowers! The tablerunner is really pretty, you have one lucky sister :)