Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally a Post!

I feel like I am out of the blogger loop. I have so many to read and emails too! I went back to work about two weeks ago and it has been wild. So darn busy and to top it off have had some migraines and all that so have been working, sleeping, working, sleeping! I am hoping to get in the swing of things and keep up with everything I enjoy! To top all that off Kathy's nephews are here for five days while their mom is at her sister's wedding in NY. Here they are playing Play Doh which has so far been the single most occupying thing they do. They are four and five and one of them talks nonstop and I mean nonstop! Every two seconds I hear "Aunt Andee, Aunt Andee" lol. I am enjoying them but will not mind sending them back home to their mother too! She has two others who are younger than these two also. (Long story but she is not these twos' bio mom but is their MOM).

In quilting news...I got back both my Orange Crush quilts LIGHTNING FAST from Steph in Kingman. She did an amazing job with them and we love them! These pics are of mine and will be for mom that is at the wedding for Christmas since has not announced a wedding date yet. It still has to be bound.

The other one is for the niece getting married. It is about half bound since I did a bunch last night after the boys went to bed. We were hoping to send it on the plane, but there was no way I could get it done feeling as I did so we sent a card and will mail the quilt. I hope she and her new hubby like it. Today is their wedding day, send up a prayer for a long lasting marriage for these two.
I have now been to two cool quilt shops in the area, and recently discovered another one right near my work that I haven't visited yet. At one of these shops I found this cool thread catcher that I had to have because it has the fruit ladies fabric on it! They didn't have any fabric in stock, but plan to call me when they get some in. I want some of this cool fabric though I have no idea what I will use it in! It is awesome though and I am happy to have the thread catcher and pin cushion.
A few weekends ago we also made a quick stop at the Goodwill and Savers stores...we were looking for a few toys to help entertain the boys (who knew Play Doh would keep them busy for hours at a time!) and I found this book. I have only flipped through it, but it was worth $1.99! I love a good deal!

My birthday was last Wednesday (the first day of students at school here and the day the boys came!) and I think we forgot to take a picture of my awesome cake but here is the pattern and fabric Kathy got me! I always email her wishes...things I would like to have but can live without usually and then I wind up forgetting what I sent her and she often picks stuff from what I send and I am totally suprised! She is the best gift getter! I love how this pattern looks and will add to to be to be done list!
Today we are going to my sister's house to celebrate out bdays (hers and Kathy's were the 3rd) though Kathy is working....boys can swim and we can all hang out together. Oh and my sister's LOVED her star table runner. She immediately put it on her table and dragged everyone to look at it all day. I am glad it was a hit! After all she is my favorite sister!
I won some kind of prize from the NewQuiltingClub for all my starry-eyed blocks. Can't wait to see what it is...I still have one star block to go and then I need to figure out how to put them into a quilt.
We are still waiting for two quilts back from our gal in Wisconsin too! Oh and I mailed my cupcake swap stuff to my partner in Norway. I hope she likes what I put in there!


Becky said...

Have you made it to cutting edge yet? They are on Dobson and Ray. Cutting edge is my favorite quilt store in this area. Also there is a Quilter's Oasis which is also nice and is owned by a former co worker of mine. Also the Deseret thrift store in Mesa is a good one and another one that I like (but that is a bit further) is thrift smart (I think that's the name) on 32nd st and Cactus in Phoenix.

Have you gone to visit Nimble Thimbles yet?

Valerie said...

Happy belated Bday Andee :-)! Good to see a new post from you.