Thursday, August 28, 2008

Orange Crush is Done Done!

I have still be crazy busy with work and not sure when it will slow down and give me a life back. I wish I was less of a perfectionist, but I tend to give 110 percent when others do just fine with a mere 80 percent...sigh.

I haven't done much sewing and plan to get to some on Sunday or Monday since it is a holiday here. My mom and stepdad are moving to Texas (now that I am finally near them--trying not to take THAT personal) so last weekend and again this weekend I am driving 2.5 hours to their place to help them pack and such. They are pretty excited about going though I am bummed. I guess I can't make other people want what I want (some family closeness) and thankfully I do have my sister and brother and nephews here and Kathy. My best friend besides Kathy is moving in with us in a week or so. Randy had moved to Wisconsin in 2000 because of me and really missed me and Kathy and so he decided what the heck and is on his way...he is currently in Ohio visiting his family and will head to Tennessee to see his daughter before coming our way. So I have "family" there too!

I got the OC's back a few weeks ago and last night I got the last of the binding put on. It was a great activity to do during the Olympics. I am happy with how it all turned out and hope that Megan loves it when it comes her way this Christmas. Bonnie at Quiltville is starting another mystery (Old Tobacco Road) tomorrow and I will be following along, but don't think I will be doing it unless I absolutely can't resist. I should get started on some ABC kid quilts for Christmas presents next. Oh so here are the pics of my OC!

A corner up close...didn't Steph do a great job with the quilting? I love it!
The label
The back...what I had that sort of matched!
You can't quite see the entire thing..I will try to get another good picture in better light and with the corners in there but this was the best we could do tonight! This quilt grows and grows on you I think. It is definately ORANGE and even the red looks a bit orange to me.
I did manange to cut my ant and beach ball fabric for more ABC they are before they got mailed out. I can't wait to see what I get back and then I can get to sewing these two and two from a past swap for Christmas presents. They should go together pretty quickly. Hopefully there will be something sewing wise to report on Sunday!


Rhonda said...

Congrats on finishing OC! Well done!

Quirky said...

lol Life as a teacher NEVER slows down! Keep those running shoes on!!! Orange Crush is stunning. It is really striking and has the WOW factor.

The Quilting Pirate said...

WOW! Your OC turned out gorgeous! Congrats on finishing it!! YAH YOU!!