Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cupcake Swap, Starry-Eyed Block Prize, and Strip Quilt Done!

Here is the crest for the school I now work for. GO JAGUARS!

I received my cupcake swap from Anne Heidi of Norway! Hers is on the way to her still...I love everything she included and know she put alot of thought into these goodies! My favorite item is the cupcake pincusion with pins in is adorable and I have always wanted one of these! It will be loved for a very long time.

She asked if there were any goodies I wanted from Norway after I told her I had visited in 2004 and I quickly replied Daim bars! They are the best candy bar I have ever tasted...sort of like a Heath bar, but much better...the chocolate is so smooth and the toffee is thin and tastes great! I got candy bars and bite size bits of the candy bars and have been enjoying them since the package arrived.

Also I got several spools of really cute ribbon, stickers with cupcakes on them that are really cute and 3-D and three pieces of fabric with cupcakes on them. They are all so sweet and I am one lucky recipient. Thanks Anne Heidi and Sharon for hosting this great swap! It was my first blog swap and was alot of fun!

I am happy to say that we got back all four of the quilts we sent out to our longarmers. The Orange Crush quilts went to Steph in Kingman and came back fast and gorgeous! I already finished the binding on Kathy's niece's quilt...she got married last Saturday and we will mail this to her this week after we get her new address.
I started the binding on mine, but then Rachel's Outside the Box quilt and my strip quilt arrived from Jen in Rice Lake, WI on Friday so last night I did the binding on the smaller strip quilt and it is on the back of my couch! My thumb is tired and has holes in it, but I will keep working on the other two. Rachel is coming to visit us for Thanksgiving (from Norway) since her dad is moving here in a few weeks so she will get hers then! YAY! The other OC we will give to Megan for Christmas since no wedding seems forthcoming and we want to be fair to the neices (there is competion there).
Here you can see the backing and the label.
This was all made from leftover scraps from Kathy's sister JoAnn's quilt and then the borders from stash. I love the color it adds to the living room!
I was one of the winners of the Starry-Eyed Block challenge and so Sandy sent me this card and these four fabulous fabrics! My name was drawn from the jar since I did all but one of these blocks..the one is still waiting for me to do! Thanks Sandy for encouraging us to challenge to put those blocks into a top or two!

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Quirky said...

Wow! You are certainly binding up a storm over there! All the quilts look lovely. Looks like you were spoilt by your swap partner, too! When I saw some teatowels yesterday at the craft fair with cup cakes on them, I thought of you...and smiled :) Those fabrics you won are lovely. I look forward to seeing what you make with them.