Friday, December 23, 2016

Piggies get Tails!

 At work yesterday every time I was on hold I was working on piggy tails.  It was busy so took me about six hours to get all four on!  I then had an easy job in which I sewed the binding on the fourth one but forgot to take pictures of them all!  Now the piggies are separated.  One is at work for me to use, one is going to Norway for Rachel--in 2004 when I went to Norway we stopped at a grocery store with the kids and took silly pictures with the big pig out front (el reiser or el greiser or something) and so it made me think of all that silliness!  The other two are awaiting homes.

 I also worked on this hexi for Bonnie's mini quilt.  I have not touched it in forever.  I had the kit with me to sew the pig tails and since my evening job was alot of sitting and not alot of interpreting (easiest job I have had all year!) I got the center hexies all stitched up!  I also am listening to lots of audiobooks again.  This one is Neurotribes about the origins of autism and it is really interesting.  I have read over 100 books this year!  More than double last year (or right on double) and there is still a week to go!  I think listening to podcasts about books and not having cable helps with that!
You cannot really tell from this picture, but this is Egg Brunch.  It is covered in bread and paprika.  It is our go to breakfast holiday meal.  So mom made a pan sans mushrooms and I make one with.  I bought a special huge pan this year because I am tired of bringing two smaller pans!  It smelled amazing and I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning (after Weight Watchers) at Mom's house.  We will be spending the day and night up there and then returning home and celebrating with Randy.  Coleman, Heather and her six kids are on there way here from Ohio and we will celebrate with them whenever they arrive too.
Clue five on the Quiltville mystery is out!  I am hoping to at least prep it tonight but will be lucky to get this one going before the link up Monday.  Been working like a fool and today after work I got a pedi and then busted my butt cooking and cleaning. I am so tired and I still have a few things to do to get ready--like pack!
Happy Holidays!


Vireya said...

If you have to go to work, it is nice to have a job that lets you get a bit of stitching in at the same time.

Happy Christmas to the whole gang!

scraphappy said...

Merry Christmas. Sitting on hold almost sounds like fun with such cute piggies to sew.

SandyPA said...

Happy New Year, Andee! I miss seeing your posts. Have you decided on your 2017 theme? I hope you are having fun sewing En Provence with me.