Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Piggies, Flamingos and Gnomes, Oh My!

 Today was a sewing day at Barb's.  I am all caught up on the mystery so I decided to bring some fabric and one of my new design boards and cut out four of the Penny Pig Mini Quilts by Lori Holt. 
 They were lots of fun to make while we gabbed.
 I forgot to put the tails on before I stitched them up but may figure out how to add one on each of them yet.  I am keeping the one that has yet to be hand stitched down  I am not the best binder in the world but much better than I used to be.  I had a partial migraine all day today and so I am sure that did not help.  I stitched with Barb til it was time to go to Pilates and the day went by fast!
 Kathy finished clue three of En Provence!  She still has to cut the wings for part four and then she can start sewing.  This is the best she has ever done at keeping up with the mystery.  Kathy is calling her quit En Patriot!
 While I was sewing, Barb finished up the last of the towels she volunteered me embroider for me.  She borrowed my machine and did some stuff for her brother with it (it is bigger than hers) but mine needs a tune up so she did the towels on her Bernina.  I really need to learn how (ok I know how sort of ) and just try this myself.  The designs are so cute!  These two will go to Margie (my dad who passed away seven year's ago's girlfriend since I was eight).  She loves flamingos and every year I send her flamingo something or other.  Her box for this year already went out but will randomly mail her these just for fun later on.  I think she will like them alot.
 I love these designs SO much!  We are keeping "love beyond measure" and "Life is short, lick the spoon" and gifting the others to my sister, brother's ex, and current. 
 My mom, sister and I LOVE gnomes.  I may give mom one of these, but they are so cute I do not want to part with them!
This one with the birds is for mom.  She loves birds and swears that is how her own mother visits her.  When she sees a pretty bird she thinks, there's mom.  So we are always picking out little birds for knickknacks. 


Jayne said...

those little pigs are really cute!

Quilter Kathy said...

These are gorgeous towels and such fabulous personalized gifts!

The Joyful Quilter said...

OMG!! What ADORABLE farm animals you have!!