Sunday, December 18, 2016

Meet Up at Ros' and the Quiltville Quilts We Found There!

Saturday Kathy and I finally got to see Ros in person!  It has been forever.  She was out of town during our Mystery Kickoff Party (the first one she has missed) and she lives about an hour from us so we just do not see her as often as we would like.  This year we may see her more often since we are signed up at the same store for a BOM on her end of town again.
Ann was our host and Sheila was the birthday girl.  Susan, Jen, Celeste, and McKenna also came.  It was really nice to get to talk to some of them more as when I do see some of these folks there are always so many people that I don't really get to talk to anyone enough.
We made the boards from Bee in My Bonnet (Lori Holt's blog) that have been on my to be made list for a long time.  Really simple to make once you get going.  I made two there and two more at home this morning.  You can see Stash Kitty approved of them.
Tried out the design boards while making my last 35th Ave. BOM Patriotic block.  Kathy made hers yesterday (but still has about four or five to go from the past few months).  We plan to get them together and send them off to Alycia for QOV.
So happy to move on to the next BOM!

Kathy picked up her Allietare quilt from Ros.  It turned out great...her piecing has improved so much in the few years she has been sewing!  

 I picked up my Garden Party (started on the Quiltville Caribbean Cruise in October 2015) too.  I LOVE this one.  Maybe because it will forever remind me of my bucket list cruise with Bonnie (and Becky) where I made many more quilty friends!  I miss those gals and am so glad for facebook so I can feel a part of their lives while we are apart.
 I need to update from Quiltville Parade of Quilts page now that this is one step more toward done.  I have not decided on the binding color for it yet.  I am tempted to do yellow sunshine but am afraid it is too light for a binding.  What do you think?
We just decided on a nice red for Kathy's Allietare border and are trying to decided between these two for my Garden Party.  Tell me what you think please!

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Vireya said...

Sounds like a great day! Lovely to see Kathy's Allietare and your Garden Party quilted. Two beautiful quilts!