Sunday, August 2, 2015

Finally Some Sewing!

 I had a baby shower to go to this weekend so Kathy and I finished up this eye spy and got it all tied and delivered...mid baby shower!  I hope Esther and Elliot's baby loves it and the book I gave them.
 I also whipped up another Wild and Goosey block and put the last two rows on...not sure if there will be borders on this one, but I think it has enough blocks!

 This one has been in progress for over two years!  Love it!
 We got some of the family together to play mini golf.  It was fun but HOT.  Note to self, play mini golf in Arizona in every season but summer!
 I cut out a few more Lil' Crumblers...haven't decided if this will count for Bonnie's Tumbler leader and ender project or if I need to make some from all colors for that!
 I did some Skype sewing with Barb (and Kathy eariler) and paged through my books to find something for the Nimble Thimbles President's Challenge.  We have a red fabric and two little thimbles we have to use to make a mini quilt that shows what our guild means to us.  I have already made three of the above quilts (from my dad's shirts) and want to make two more--one for me and one for my Uncle Rick so thought I could make a red cross and call it good....but nope not for the challenge.
I thought about making this little heart quilt and using the red in a heart, but then I found this Turkey Tracks and decided this was the one!  Barb says I should call it "Making Tracks to Guild."

 Here are the fabrics I picked out for that so far.  Progress is due in December so I have plenty of time to get it done.


The Joyful Quilter said...

SEW glad to see you are back at your machine!! Wild n' Goosey is looking FABULOUS and makes me want to start one RIGHT NOW!!! Nice job, you enabler, you. :P

Alycia said...

The mini golf in arizona.... oh my - you are made of hardy stuff!!

SandyPA said...

Glad to see another post...I was worried you had disappeared on another vacation. Congrats on the final Wild & Goosey block. I think a thin dark inner border and a small outer border would frame the quilt beautifully.

Roslyn said...

Wild and Goosey is amazing Andee, way to persist and " git 'er done!"