Sunday, July 19, 2015

Super Saturday and into Sunday!

 Yesterday was quite a busy day!  I got up and went to Pilates Jump (two days in a row) and then went to a cool summer salads cooking class, got a therapeutic massage in order to possibly help my migraines, and then had a meeting with Becky and my sewing friend Kathy (we are presenting a Bonnie Hunterpalooza at our guild in August), and then last minute decided to go on a 3 mile hike with Becky, Megan and Ray.  This is Usery Wind Cave Trail--this is now the third time I have done it and it is the most challenging hike I have done still.  It gets really steep.  This group goes fast so it was a great workout.  My legs were killing me before I started but it felt good to do it anyway.  I am finally down 95.2 pounds and really working to get to that 100!

 The day wasn't done after that, Kathy and her hubby Chris met up with Becky, Kathy and I for B.A.D. Bingo.  It is tons of fun and we sang and danced and bingoed the night away!
 This afternoon (yep I slept ALL morning!) I got the red Betty's Choice blocks done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I am doing this year.  One for me and one for Amy!
These blocks just are so happy and make me smile everytime I lay them out!  Five more months to go!  More sewing for tonight!


Angie said...

Congrats on sticking with your WW plan!! Love the Betty's Choice blocks - so much movement! You're right, they are happy-making!

scraphappy said...

What a great weekend! I can understand wanting to catch up on some sleep after all that activity. Love the blocks. So nice of you to share with Amy. It will be such a fun quilt to have at the end of the year knowing that you and Amy made it together.

Magpie Sue said...

Oh, don't your blocks look good all together! Good for you!

Deb A said...

Congrats on 95! Way to go Andie! Your Betty blocks are looking great - I agree with Angela it will be so special to have a quilt that both you and Amy have worked on.

Julierose said...

Boy big congrats on your 95 lbs off. I am so impressed!! When i went off Atkins almost ALL the weight flew back onto my bod!! Ugh! Am trying portion control and more exercise now...I guess slow but sure may be the race winner for me. It's just SO HUMID and HOT here that it is hard to walk (Waaah, moan, cry, ) but last night at 7:30 DH and I went anyway--talk about humidity!! We needed to be hosed down after that for sure!! LOL Hugs and I love your Red and white blocks...neat!! Julierose

Marly said...

Well done loosing 95 pounds; just 5 little pounds left to go to get a century!
I like your rainbow quilt; I'd never seen that block before, but it's certainly a happy busy block, dashing every which way! You amaze me doing all that hiking and then sewing so much.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Glad to see you got some good quilting time in! Your "Betty's Choice" blocks look great! My mother's name!


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Roslyn said...

Your weekend activities made me tired just reading!
Congrats on 95 down good for you sticking with it.

SandyPA said...

Andee, did you see those biggie size Wild & Goosey blocks on Quiltville? I am still amazed at your W&G quilt progress. But I would go CRAZY with all those fiddley-tiny pieces. So the light bulb shone over my head when Bonnie posted that picture. Maybe some day I will have yet another Bonnie-Hunter quilt to show you!

Alycia said...

What a busy girl you are! Hope the massage works!! An congrats on your sucess - you are inspiring!!!