Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sea You at the Beach!

 No sewing has been going on at my house because we have been on vacation in Mexico.  My parents rented a house and had us, my brother and his oldest son and my sister come stay.  My parents and Ben stayed the whole ten days, and the rest of us went up the first weekend and came back again as our schedules allowed.  It was Miramar beach in Rocky Point and the shell collecting was phenomenal!  I got awesome shells for me, all three of my kids and Randy too.  I even got one seahorse skeleton!
 We did a little drinking (some did more than a little), lots of swimming, sunning and reading.  We played games and I read half of "Story Thieves" aloud to my nephew which was fun!
A friend of my sister's parents have a website and they rent out several houses.  There were very few folks even over the fourth of July weekend--since it is a private beach we felt like we were almost completely alone out there.  I would go back again in a minute!  I will get back to sewing soon though, I promise!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Looks like you had a GREAT vacation!! (Jealous!!) Come down from the clouds and get back to that sewing machine, you. :P

Vireya said...

That sounds fantastic!

Roslyn said...

Oh what fun love the beach and can't wait till we go to the beach cottage in Boston later this month so lovely to go to sleep and awaken to the sounds of the surf!
Quilting will still be there when you return refreshed.

Sahila Saa said...

you have a great vacation....

not like me... Sad :(

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