Sunday, August 16, 2015

Indigo Sunday!

 I sewed up two blocks for the Nimble Thimbles Block Party today.  Kind of fun to work in batiks since I have been hoarding them but almost never do anything with them.  They gave us the center fabric and we were to add anything batik to it.

 Here is the RSC Betty's Choice in Indigo.  One for me and one for Amy.  These blocks are still super fun to make!  Linking up to SoScrappy!

 And here is the first of the indigo RSC Sampler blocks--this is bullseye!
Challenged myself to do a 5K on my elliptical tonight.  Took me 52 minutes--normally I do 30.  Pretty proud of myself since I could only do two minutes on the thing when I first started!


scraphappy said...

Great progress all around. Betty's Choice is looking great!

PaulaB quilts said...

Your batik blocks are so lovely. I, too, hoard batiks with plans in mind. And the Betty's Choice in indigo are a nice surprise with the arrows. But most of all, hearty congratulations on the 100 pound loss, such a wonderful achievement!