Friday, December 20, 2013

Three Mysteries in the Making!

 Tomorrow is the holiday party for the PHXMQG and I accidentally signed up for the fabric swap so I decided to go ahead and join in.  Here are my fat quarters for trading.  One swap is for low volume prints and the other is for print.  I am making a shrimp dip to bring along too.
The above picture is the beginning  of the prep for the February Mystery Quilt Camp that Becky and I are going to.  We have to make a TON of hst's before we go.  Mine are now all sewed and the papers are trimmed, but only one page is cut apart and trimmed down.  I have plenty of time so I will try to do a page or two each time I am in the quilting studio so they will be done in time.  I still have to cut the rest of the clues for that mystery too...but first...the Mickey fabric and others are for the NYE Mystery that Cal is doing in my online mystery group.  Kathy and I have joined in on this mystery for about eight years now.  This quilt will be for my Aunt Nancy who is a Mickey fan--if it turns out!  I am going to look for a darker/brighter yellow tomorrow at 35th Ave., but if nothing tickles my fancy this will it.  I ordered the Mickey fabric online and had the rest in my stash.  Nancy wants a Mickey quilt, so she shall have it!

 Linking up with Bonnie at Quiltville!  And the third mystery I am working on is of course, Packer (Celtic) Solstice!  Bonnie was super sweet and gave us an easier clue since this is Christmas week--she is nice like that!  I watched her QuiltCam from Wednesday while sewing today.  So here is what I have so far.  I can hardly imagine how this will all go into the quilt!  I didn't get pictures, but Kathy finished clue two and started clue three...YAY!  I also cut her a bunch of strips while I was cutting mine to help her out with clue four.  She should be able to get caught up this week, with any luck!  These are the color substitutions I am doing:  blue=yellow, orange=green, green=lime, yellow=black/brown and neutrals.
 At the end of the night I did one more Wild and Goosey block.  This one has a gnome peeking out and I love it!  I try to get at least one done every weekend because I really want this to turn into at least a top by the time I see Bonnie in February!


scraphappy said...

Great progress on so many fronts. Not knowing how it will all fit together is all part of the fun with a mystery. Bonnie never disappoints though. I am sure you will love it.

Quilter Kathy said...

SO much quilty fun and so little time!! LOL

Barb in Mi said...

Lots going on - can't wait to see your Packer Mystery look!

Sadie said...

Andee I love your greens this really looks Irish. Great job.

Vireya said...

You are one busy quilter! That's a lot of projects to be working on.

I might have to have a go at Wild & Goosey after the mystery - it looks really fun.

Cathi said...

Your four-patches are wonderfully green! Love them!