Friday, December 27, 2013

Other Goodies and Goodness!

Here are the lovely fabrics we exchanged at our PHXMQG annual fabric swap!  There is a whole table of low volume prints and a whole table of "print" fabric.  Some folks went home with huge piles of fabric if they did the full swap of both.  I did some of each and got a smaller pile back, but I love them!

Here is the finished puzzle that the folks at work did in the break room!  This is a hard puzzle but we have some talented puzzlers!
This one is from the same "mystery puzzle set" and is the one we started last Christmas, then put away for most of the year and got back out and started over a month or so is getting there!
Randy gave me this DeGrazia print for my sewing room.  I have always wanted this print!  I think I have the magnet of this one that was my Grandma Nan's too.  I love it!  I actually met Degrazia many years ago at the Gallery of the Sun in Tuscon when my grandparents and uncle came to visit us.  I was about ten or eleven I think and my uncle was around 15 or 16.  He had on a belt buckle with his name and when Degrazia saw him he said "Hi Dan!" and my uncle was like how does he know my name???  It is a family story we have shared for years!

My grandma Char bought the "flowergirl" statue and now my mother has it and one day it will be mine, most of the Degrazia pictures my parents have have already been passed on to me.  I love it so mcuh I have even cross stitched several of the pictures.  My mom has several of the horse statues too.  Our whole family loves Degrazia!
This last picture is from my swap partner Philla from the NewQuiltingClue Secret Santa swap.  She made me two ornaments and sent me some lovely Christmas towels and potholders! 
I am still at work and am dying to get at clue five for Celtic Solstice....think I will start in on it when I finally get home!  Happy Friday Folks!

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