Thursday, December 5, 2013

NewFo for November

I have been really lax about keeping track of my NewFO's this year nevermind linking up like I am supposed to.  Sometimes time just gets away from me!  I decided to look back through November and see what NewFO's I had and whoa, I have plenty to post about! 

 Early in November I started this Marmalade Squares is still waiting for quilting.

Kathy and I both made a whole bunch of Rock Candy table toppers, and we are still working on some, but have finished about eight are done and one is ready to be quilted...more are cut and we want to cut even more. These are a great gift for folks!

 And of course I started Celtic Solstice this past month too!  I can't wait to see this NewFo shape up! 
Linking up!


Granny Anne Brown said...

Your colors for Celtic Soltice are so Sunshiney! Love it!

Barbara said...

Oh wow! Beautiful!